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Yano Cosmetics

Ojon Carrier Oil

Ojon Carrier Oil

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Discover the secret of ancestral beauty with Ojon Carrier Oil! Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it deeply nourishes the hair, providing intense shine, softness, and resilience. Make your hair healthy, silky, and beautiful with Ojon Carrier Oil!

Ojon oil is rich in oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, commonly used in hair treatment, providing hydration and shine. Due to its visible effects, it's one of the best-selling oils in Brazil.

The Ojon Carrier Oil from Yano Cosmetics is 100% pure, natural, and organic. Its composition is free from preservatives, dyes, artificial fragrances, parabens, silicones, and sulfates. The product is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from animal-derived ingredients.


  • moisturizing
  • emollient
  • nourishing
  • strengthens hair
  • reduces breakage
  • reduces frizz
  • adds shine to strands
  • antioxidants
  • protects hair
  • protects skin
  • smooth hair cuticles


  • Product: Ojon Carrier Oil
  • Packaging: Amber glass bottle with pipette and silicone dropper.
  • Content: 10ml of carrier oil
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Scientific Name: Elaeis oleifera kernel oil
  • Extraction Method: Cold pressing
  • Composition: 100% pure Ojon carrier oil.



How To Use

  • Topical Use - 1ml
  • Facial Massage - 5ml
  • Scalp Massage - 5ml
  • Body Massage - 5-30ml
  • Baths - 1 tablespoon of carrier oil

Botanical Aspects

Ojon, scientifically known as Elaeis oleifera, is a species of palm native to the tropical region of Central America. It is characterized by its large, feather-like leaves, which can reach up to 5 meters in length. The plant produces oval fruits containing a single seed called Ojon nuts. These nuts are rich in oil and extracted through traditional processes by local communities. Ojon is valued for its contribution to biodiversity and its cultural and economic importance in the regions where it is found. Its lush beauty and ability to provide valuable oil make Ojon a fascinating botanical species.


Rosemary, sweet orange, lemongrass, Tahiti lemon, mandarin, tangerine.

Do It Yourself

Medicinal clay, neutral base cream, massage oil, neutral base shampoo, and essential oils.

Fun Facts

The history of Ojon oil is deeply rooted in the traditions of indigenous communities in Central America and the Amazon region, where knowledge of its benefits transcended generations. The exceptional properties of the oil, extracted from the nut of the Elaeis oleifera palm, were initially discovered by these ancestral cultures, which valued the oil for its medicinal applications and its cosmetic virtues.

Within these communities, Ojon oil was more than just a simple product; it played a central role in healing rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing purity and strength. It was often used to revitalize the body and the soul, reflecting its spiritual and physical importance.

Specifically among women, Ojon oil was a treasure passed down from generation to generation, used to nourish and beautify the hair. This beauty ritual shared between mothers and daughters ensured that the hair remained strong, shiny, and healthy, consolidating Ojon oil as an indispensable element in the personal care practices of these communities.

A fascinating aspect of the Elaeis oleifera palm is its unique life cycle, particularly the phenomenon of procumbency. When the plant reaches about 15 years old, its stem (trunk) bends until it touches the ground, while the crown of leaves remains upright, facing upwards. This process allows for the emergence of new roots from the leaf crown while the original stem slowly decomposes, making room for the growth of a new stem. This peculiar behavior of the plant, which always falls to the same side, gave rise to the name "caiaué," which means "walking plant" in the language of indigenous peoples, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between these communities and their environment, as well as their profound understanding of natural cycles.

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