Yano Cosmetics: Sustainability and Ethical Beauty

Yano Cosmetics: Sustainability and Ethical Beauty

The Essence of Wild-Harvested Certification

Yano's commitment to using wild-harvested ingredients like Andiroba and Buriti oils underscores its dedication to biodiversity and sustainable harvesting practices, ensuring that natural resources are conserved. All of our products follow the wild-harvest commitment.

European Union Certified Organic and USDA Organic: A Dual Testament to Purity

Yano's products, including Copaíba and Pracaxí oils and all of our oils, meet stringent organic standards as evidenced by their European Union Certified Organic and USDA Organic certifications. These certifications guarantee the absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides, emphasizing Yano's dedication to global organic practices.

Produto Orgânico Brasil: Celebrating Local Organic Excellence

The Produto Orgânico Brasil certification aligns Yano with Brazil's national organic standards, highlighting its role in supporting local agriculture and sustainable practices.

Cruelty-Free and Animal Friendly: Ethical Beauty Practices

Yano's Cruelty-Free and animal-friendly certifications reflect its commitment to ethical beauty, ensuring products like Castanha do Brasil and Ojon oil are developed without animal testing, catering to ethically conscious consumers. We have the responsibility to create products that follow these principles only.

Made in Brazil: Authenticity and Local Craftsmanship

The "Made in Brazil" of Yano Cosmetics is not just a label; it's a celebration of authenticity and local craftsmanship. This certification signifies our commitment to preserving and uplifting Brazil's rich cultural and natural heritage. By sourcing our ingredients and crafting our products within Brazil, we ensure that each item reflects the unique qualities of the Brazilian environment and its people. This approach supports local communities, fosters sustainable practices, and brings the essence of Brazil's natural beauty to the world.

Transparency and Trust: The Role of Certifications in Building Responsibility

The role of certifications in fostering transparency and trust is pivotal in Yano Cosmetics' approach to responsibility. These certifications demonstrate our adherence to high standards and serve as a bridge of trust between us and our consumers. They provide assurance that our practices are ethical, our ingredients are sustainably sourced, and our products are crafted with care. This transparency in our process and the trust it builds is essential in upholding our responsibility to our customers and the planet.

Beyond Beauty: Yano's Contribution to Sustainable Development

Yano Cosmetics' approach to sustainable development is a commitment that extends far more profound than skin care and hair care. By incorporating sustainable practices in every facet of our operation, from ethical sourcing of ingredients to environmentally conscious production processes, Yano actively contributes to global sustainability goals. Our efforts not only enhance the beauty routines of our customers but also positively impact the environment and communities involved in our supply chain. This holistic approach to beauty reflects a more profound understanding that true beauty is not just about appearance but also about nurturing and preserving the world around us.


Yano Cosmetics' certifications are a powerful testament to our commitment to ethical, sustainable, and high-quality practices. These certifications uphold our brand's integrity and resonate deeply with our customers, who value responsibility and transparency in their beauty choices. They are not just symbols of compliance; they reflect our core values and dedication to positively impacting the beauty industry and the world.

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